• Heather Michele

Who is Heather Michele?

Here is my background, my education, my story and my passion for why I do what I do:


-Public Health and Wellness B.S. from UMass Amherst

-Comprehensive Pilates Instructor certification from Body, Arts, & Science International (BASI)

-Hanna Somatic Muscle Release Certification from the founder Eleanor Criswell-Hanna

-Primal Movement Foundations Certification from Absolute Center

-Reconditioning Specialist Certification from Absolute Center

-Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Vidya Gurukul

-Reiki Practitioner Certification from Marina Yoga


I discovered the magic of Pilates through the recovery of a failed spinal fusion surgery and decided to turn my passion into a career of sharing it with others. I later trained under Neuropsychologist and Hanna Somatics co-founder Eleanor Criswell-Hanna. I personally found relief from chronic pain and restored freedom of movement thanks to these practices. Over the years I have really enjoyed sharing this knowledge to help countless people find relief from pain and discover new ways to move.

In my years of traveling the globe I trained in energy work in Asia and also completed a Yoga Teacher Training while visiting India. By piecing together various modalities, movement disciplines and meditation principles along with in-depth studies in Anatomy and Physiology I have found a gentle, zero impact way to activate specific muscles while releasing the tight, overused ones to help people move and live better in their bodies. I absolutely love sharing these techniques and can’t wait to empower you with these amazing tools that have done so much for me.

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