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Somatic Pilates

Offering Pilates, Somatics and Guided Relaxation

Hi, I'm Heather Michele

I'm a Pilates addict, travel junkie and movement aficionado

In my years as a Pilates Instructor I have witnessed movement miracles on a daily basis as people find new muscle recruitment, balance, stability, increase range of motion and yes, Core Strength. What is it like living in a Pilates Body (besides suddenly feeling taller and younger)?   It means initiating every movement from your core not your arms or legs. You will be AMAZED at how much easier everything in life becomes when you move from your middle! I target your imbalances and "tight spots" and begin a personalized reconditioning regimen to create a happy, balanced body that moves with ease 


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a Private Lesson

This introductory new client package gives you 3 full One Hour private Pilates sessions utilizing both Reformer and Cadillac Pilates equipment along with an array of prop...
New Client 3 Session Package
3 h
“Pilates lessons with Heather have given me my old life back, the somatics exercises she sends me home with keep me loose and mobile between session and I haven't moved this effortlessly in over a decade."

Michael Williams

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Davis, CA \\ Tel: 916-695-4713


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